Master Nodes

Operated with a committed stake of RYO (Proof of Stake or PoS) as an underwritten store of value, Master Nodes are the high-velocity transaction workhorses of the RYO mainnet. A quorum of Master Nodes evaluates and instantly approves pending transactions. All Master Nodes are identified and authenticated by a key system that signs their activities on the RYO mainnet.

Rather than building a processing system around an existing consensus model like Bitcoin or Ethereum, the RYO Blockchain takes a different architectural approach. The RYO Blockchain has two consensus-building steps, one that confirms transactions instantly and a second that memorializes those transactions on the blockchain.

The RYO Blockchain uses two consensus models to provide transactional speed without compromising transaction integrity:

  1. PoS, used by Master Nodes to achieve high transaction speed with full confidence in transactional validity;
  2. PoW, used by Mining Nodes to commit transactions to the blockchain. The RYO Blockchain uses an energy efficient intelligent PoW system.

A two-tier consensus model also allows us to choose, at any time, the best of two different consensus models without being stuck with either indefinitely. When a better consensus model evolves over time, we will simply do an evaluation to see if it meets our selection criteria. By abstracting the exact type of model from the role it serves, the RYO Blockchain avoids the stress and discontinuities seen in other blockchains while retaining flexibility for future inventions in distributed computing.

This architecture allows for only one of the consensus mechanics to be rate-determining, and that mechanism enjoys almost instant transaction velocity. The paramount outcome of this decision is that the RYO Blockchain is more secure and certain than the blockchain of others blockchains.