RYO Core Blockchain

The current state of the blockchain space is – to say the least – a bit confusing. When one takes a closer look at all cryptocurrencies currently being traded on exchanges, the majority of these are simply decentralized applications built on a modified version of the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain platform using code that has a number of inherent flaws or limitations. RYO and its surrounding ecosystem, on the other hand, has been fully developed with millions of dollars out of pocket invested in the project to ensure that all advanced blockchain functionalities conceptualized by the founders and developers were eventually realized. RYO was methodically built from the ground up using cutting-edge advancements in encryption technology, and is powered by our ingenious RYO Core Blockchain®. RYO embodies a revolutionary approach in building new digital infrastructures and the empowerment of industries that will drive this technology.

In our quest to re-invent Japan’s ancient RYO currency for the digital age, our development team built a blockchain that is designed to be flawless and custom-made for global adoption: with technological improvements and upgrades to almost every aspect of blockchain technology, RYO’s Core Blockchain avoids the shortcomings of other cryptocurrency projects and has been developed using a formula for success predicated on the basic principle to “build on what has been successful, and avoid or fix what hasn’t.”

Capitalizing on the latest Silicon Valley blockchain technology, the RYO Core Blockchain® is capable of processing a remarkably high number of transactions per second, is secure, flexible, scalable and above all – easy to use. The use of Advanced Intelligent Mining (AIM) software translates into exceptional mining efficiencies with a 50% or higher reduction in power consumption.

Once unleashed, RYO will have an immeasurable social and economic impact that will benefit countless communities around the globe - a true “Cryptocurrency for the Masses!”