LIFE Wallet

When cryptocurrency is purchased, it must be held in a digital wallet. However, the vast majority of digital wallets available today are very complicated and not designed for the average person to easily navigate or handle daily transactions - this remains a huge barrier to cryptocurrency adoption.

The LIFE Wallet is a game-changing e-wallet that has been carefully crafted for the RYO ecosystem with the overall user experience in mind. Our patent-pending LIFE Wallet has been built using Silicon Valley technology to ensure advanced bank level security measures and rapid scalability. Bank level security ensures that RYO and other crypto assets in the wallet are ultra-secure, and a proprietary Connect button enables users to visit social media platforms or any other internet sites important to their daily lives without having to leave their LIFE Wallet.

Despite the questionable claims of other crypto wallets to be user-friendly, the LIFE Wallet takes usability to an entirely different level in terms of its simplicity. This cutting-edge multi-platform software is an all-in-one solution portal that is remarkably easy to use, fun and engaging. For instance, users can send or receive RYO and other crypto assets between LIFE Wallets in a few simple steps using e-mail addresses rather than having to deal with long and intimidating crypto addresses.

Additionally, the LIFE Wallet includes a unique ‘chat’ feature for users to interact with each other in real time. It also incorporates a wide range of other functions, such as P2P functionality and e-commerce solutions with development underway in the areas of IM/SMS/RSS, multimedia channels, and extensible plug-in APIs for third-party developers.

Another brilliant wallet innovation is our patent pending ‘Connect’ feature which enables users to access their favorite internet sites or social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, LINE, YouTube, Tik Tok) without having to leave their LIFE Wallets. Users can select a random mix of up to seven sites tailored to their personal preferences that they can connect to with just ‘one click.’

LIFE Wallet Highlights

  • Simple and user-friendly;
  • Works on all platforms, including mobile phones and tablets;
  • Multi-factor authentication ensures a high level of security;
  • Supports RYO, and other cryptocurrencies;
  • Uses e-mail addresses to send or receive RYO – no complicated wallet addresses required;
  • Connect feature allows the wallet to function as a hub for user activity on the web;
  • ‘Chat’ feature enables real-time interactions between wallet users;
  • Referral incentives.