Global Mall

With its innovative approach, RYO is destined to be a global leader in the crypto space. To ensure its long-term dominance and success, RYO’s ecosystem is comprised of e-commerce and payment solutions that are securely integrated into an ever-expanding, future-proof platform. With our goal to bring “real world” uses of cryptocurrency to the masses, the Global Mall is a core element of the RYO ecosystem.

The Global Mall is an intuitive and innovative e-commerce platform that provides a simple, fast and convenient buying-and-selling experience. A fusion of innovation and convenience where your favorite merchants – our Global Mall Partners - have come together 'under one roof' to embrace the Web3 digital revolution. With ‘one click’, online shoppers can access the Global Mall directly from their LIFE Wallet to purchase a wide range of exclusive goods and services with digital assets like BTC, ETH and RYO, or use more traditional payment methods such as credit or debit cards.

The Global Mall and the LIFE Wallet have been designed with a user-friendly interface, coupled with ultra-secure transactions to ensure an easy, confident and enjoyable shopping experience. Similarly, account creation and management for merchants and customers on the Global Mall has been designed to be quick and easy.

Merchants who participate in the Global Mall opportunity as Global Mall Partners can expect the following benefits:

  • The Global Mall provides a simple and convenient method for businesses to expose their website, products and services to a new, much broader global audience of savvy online shoppers;
  • The ability to safely receive crypto as payment, and to manage customer orders through an exclusive dashboard and secure online portal;
  • The LIFE Wallet’s seamless connection to the Global Mall allows wallet users to shop any time using BTC, ETH, RYO or debit/credit cards as a fast and easy payment method;
  • Global Mall Partners receive funds in their account instantly with each customer purchase;
  • Global Mall Partners benefit from much lower fees and administration costs when RYO is used for purchases.