Once RYO is available to the public, you will be able to purchase it on selected cryptocurrency exchanges or in person-to-person transactions. Additionally, we are currently developing other platforms to easily purchase RYO, such as through a Crypto ATM Network.

However, Zenza Capital PTE. Limited Singapore is now offering a rare opportunity to participate in the 1st Crypto Convertible Bond which was assembled by top law firms in the world, Schulman Rogers and Linklaters. This first of its kind Crypto Convertible Bond allows qualified persons to obtain RYO at the lowest rate of 100 JPY for a limited time only before RYO's public launch.

A simple process for you to invest in the Crypto Convertible Bond through Zenza Capital PTE. Limited is available by going to https://ryobond.com, then clicking on Invest. After entering your name, email and referrer information, you will receive a DocuSign email which contains the Zenza Capital (PTE Limited.) CB Application Form and Purchase Agreement. After completing these documents and sending your payment, you will receive a Convertible Note Certificate which validates your ability to convert to Equity Shares or RYO Tokens upon the conversion event.

This is a very exciting phase that allows individuals and companies (non-US Citizens unless accredited) to participate in this revolutionary, world-changing project during this early stage for a limited time.

In addition, Zenza Capital PTE. Limited is also offering a 10% referral reward (5% cash / 5% RYO) to those verified referrers who introduce purchasers to the Convertible Bond. Please proceed to https://ryobond.com for more details.

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A cryptocurrency is a digital asset or virtual currency based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers and designed to work just like the money you use every day. It can be used to buy goods and services through merchants and different e-Commerce platforms, or to transfer value from person to person. It uses cryptography to secure, verify and lock transaction records into a ‘chain of blocks’, and controls the creation and addition of new blocks in its ‘blockchain.’ The use of the blockchain to store all information in a database ensures that this information is trustworthy as it cannot be changed or tampered with.

Cryptocurrency is largely borderless and censorship-resistant, and can be used by anyone in the world with an internet connection. Paper money or ‘fiat currency’ on the other hand, is issued and controlled by governments to be used within a particular geographical location by its citizens to buy goods or services, and there is no limit to how much money a government can print - cryptocurrencies are more decentralized and typically have a capped supply.

Cryptocurrency by design is more decentralized than fiat currency – it uses online technology to allow users to make secure payments and transfers with a greater degree of privacy or anonymity by not having to go through a third party. Whereas governments or central banks exercise their control over the value of their country’s currency, they have no control over cryptocurrencies. This means that the value of your money in a cryptocurrency will not be directly affected by the flawed monetary policies of a country’s government.

During the initial project phase of RYO Coin, Zenza Capital developers were responsible for RYO’s seamless integration with key elements of the RYO ecosystem such as the Global Mall, LIFE Wallet and payment or exchange systems. As in the case of Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency launched thereafter, the first series of actions by a cryptocurrency’s developers are centrally performed. Zenza Capital’s intent is to grow RYO into a truly decentralized utility payment token model with the end goal of RYO being freely exchanged between merchants, consumers, banks, service providers, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

No. RYO and its blockchain implementation are not a “fork” or source-code derivative of any other coin. The nature of a source code fork, or branching, is that it has a dominant amount of its content directly copied from another earlier project. The RYO blockchain, wallet, and overarching economy were all designed from the ground up by some of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds, and built using proprietary state-of-the-art blockchain technology. While the RYO team has adopted and advanced some good ideas from earlier well-respected projects to solve problems experienced by countless blockchain projects today, the RYO platform is distinctly Zenza Capital’s creation.

By building on the latest second-generation innovations and source bases now powering Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, RYO is a significant upgrade to nearly every aspect of the blockchain - ease of end-to-end integration vastly differentiates RYO from other platforms with its ground-breaking scripting language, sidechain solutions, unique smart-contracting and mining innovations.

The RYO blockchain protocol has been designed so that it is extremely easy and more intuitive for people in communities around the world to use. The value of RYO will help to break down social barriers between the classes and empower the masses by creating greater purchasing power and life-changing opportunities for all, especially for the over two billion ‘unbanked’ around the world who do not have bank accounts or access to bank loans (but may have smart phones and internet access).

RYO was designed to be private without complete anonymity. This is a subtle but important difference that makes it possible for RYO to integrate with existing financial technologies as well as new and emerging ones given today’s anti-money laundering requirements, regulatory needs of banks, credit card network rules, and mandated transaction reversals in the event of fraudulent charges.

Most mainstream financial players like card processors, merchants and banks have made it clear that the risks of misuse by bad actors renders completely anonymous systems unacceptable, but do understand the need for privacy as financial privacy is generally guaranteed by laws in most countries. RYO was designed with this balance in mind as it is unlikely that a completely anonymous token system will ever be able to gain wide acceptance by government or achieve worldwide adoption.

Supercomputers in a cryptocurrency’s network called mining nodes compete to solve an incredibly complex mathematical equation. The equation is so difficult to achieve, the ‘logical’ way of solving it is through guessing hundreds of different numbers (or nonces) per second. The miner who guesses the correct answer is rewarded in coins.

Actually, not all cryptocurrencies are big users of power generated by fossil fuels or other means when mined, and this is especially true in the case of RYO. The RYO team realized years ago that using a POW (Proof of Work) consensus algorithm to verify and process blockchain transactions, as in the case of Bitcoin, would require ever-increasing amounts of electricity and eventually stop making good economic sense, especially for a globally adopted cryptocurrency. Over half of the RYO that will ever exist was pre-mined without using any measurable electrical power, and only the remaining half will be mined to generate more RYO coins per block for miners.

RYO uses a more advanced ‘shard-based’ mining system than Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for Proof-of-Work called Advanced Intelligent Mining (AIM), so when a proof of work function is carried out, it is performed in the most energy-conscious way possible. Energy efficiency isn’t a problem we are trying to solve after the fact as in the Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain, but rather a goal architected in RYO technology from the very beginning of the project.

Once RYO publicly launches, you will be able to download the LIFE Wallet to safely store your RYO. The LIFE Wallet is designed to not only safely store and manage RYO or other carefully selected crypto assets, but also to be a revolutionary multi-functional wallet. This easy-to-use, fun and engaging all-in-one portal site with a patented 'Connect' button allows you to chat with other Wallet users and access your favorite social networking platforms. The LIFE Wallet has been designed to be remarkably simple and user-friendly for everyone!

The core technology of the RYO blockchain can easily be used to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as several members of Zenza Capital’s leadership are legal and technical experts in the use of NFTs to manage transactions of unique assets such as natural resources, property deeds, or intellectual property. However, ensuring that RYO is made available to the masses around the world to improve daily lives is our team’s current focus.