Crypto ATM Network

Our strategic partner is an FSA Approved Digital Asset Exchange with a Crypto ATM License to operate in Japan. This Crypto ATM Network is your Portal to the Digital Future as it provides everyone a simple buy and sell experience in the exciting world of digital assets at competitive fees.

For the 1st time in the history of Japan, this Exchange is proud to be able to release its cutting-edge Crypto ATMs that facilitate convenient buy and sell transactions using a simple and familiar platform everyone already understands and can easily use in their daily lives!

This pioneering Crypto ATM Network allows anyone to participate in the Web3 Revolution through a form factor that is familiar and easy to use. Users of these Crypto ATMs will soon discover that they have a number of distinctive features that provide the following advantages:

  • Bill payment and banking capabilities;
  • Video and media streaming capabilities for advertising, promotion, and education;
  • Integration with digital wallets and e-commerce sites;
  • Easy geolocation feature that enables users to locate ATMs in the network;
  • On-demand coupons and other special promotions;
  • The ability to establish strategic alliances with franchise locations and other businesses.

The Crypto ATMs are beautifully designed, state-of-the-art, industrial quality machines with high level security. They feature large ergonomic touchscreens with a wide selection of interchangeable and eye-catching colors around the screen to catch people’s attention. Here are just some of the innovative features showcased by the Crypto ATMs:

REMOTE MANAGEMENT & MONITORING - can be managed remotely, including system upgrades for maintenance efficiency.

CASH-TO-CRYPTO / CRYPTO-TO-CASH - provide users the bidirectional capability of buying crypto with cash as well as converting crypto to cash.

PAPER WALLETS - issue paper wallets (printed paper receipts) containing access keys and QR codes used to facilitate your cryptocurrency transactions.

QUICK & SIMPLE - Everyone can buy and sell crypto without undergoing a complicated background check - no approval process needed! Just a few quick and simple steps to get started!