While many projects around the world have been forced to shut down due to the pandemic, war, record high inflation, stock market downturn and the biggest crypto crash ever - other projects have been methodically working behind the scenes to strategically adapt to the situation to secure their future in the digital world.

We are very proud to be one of the few projects uniquely positioned in this evolving crypto space with a never-before-seen digital ecosystem, giving rise to a new global paradigm shift.

Our mission is to be the first company to consolidate all things digital into a seamless platform that is easy to use for everyone. RYO’s innovative digital payment platform encompasses eCommerce, crypto-trading, NFTs, gaming, entertainment as well as the transfer of value, and is powered by our ground-breaking RYO Core Blockchain which has been meticulously designed so that businesses, industries, and municipalities can capitalize on this revolution in blockchain technology.

However, the most exciting part of this special announcement is that Zenza Capital has formed a strategic alliance with a Japan FSA-approved Digital Asset Exchange that we expect to be the key launching pad for RYO in the Japanese marketplace.

While the RYO project, along with countless other projects, has experienced a number of delays during its execution phase due to global events beyond our control, what we are attempting to accomplish goes far beyond the scope of what regulatory bodies envisioned as being possible.

This painstaking process has been well worth the wait as it has placed us in a much stronger position to face and overcome global challenges – RYO will continue to grow as a symbol of hope for the unbanked and many others living in dire poverty around the world.

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An Ancient Japanese Currency..
Re-born for the Digital Age.


is the digital reincarnation of an ancient Japanese currency used for 265 years. This coin enabled trade based on a stable unified monetary system rather than the fragmented system used previously.

First appearing in the 12th century

appearing in
the 12th

with the rise of the Samurai as a warrior class, RYO was the currency of the Shogun during the Tokugawa Era from the 17th to mid-19th centuries. Although no longer in use, this once powerful coin of the Shogunates still holds a deep sense of historical significance in the hearts and minds of the Japanese.

Japan is setting new regulatory standards in the cryptocurrency universe with only a handful of coins officially approved across all cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan.

In meeting rigorous licensing requirements established by the government to successfully list RYO in Japan, we will set a new precedent on the global stage as RYO will be the first cryptocurrency born in Japan to be listed internationally. This achievement will place RYO among some of the most reputable coins in the world. RYO’s world-class team is working with a major first-tier licensed exchange which will not only host RYO’s IEO, but is eager to list RYO on its exchange when it is released to the public.

RYO’s long-term strategy and ever-expanding ecosystem aims to bring simplicity, accessibility and usability to the masses. RYO enables the average person to adopt this revolutionary technology with ease and avoid the current hurdles that abound in the cryptocurrency space.

Welcome to RYO…
The Future Of Digital Payments

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