RYO has entered the next phase of its evolution with the completion of the first of its kind SEC Compliant Convertible Bond to Cryptocurrency instrument in the world, which will be shelf registered in accordance with SEC guidelines in the USA.

Stay Tuned! More information to be released shortly!

An Ancient Japanese Currency... Re-born for the Digital Age.

RYO is the digital reincarnation of an ancient Japanese currency used for 265 years. This coin enabled trade based on a stable unified monetary system rather than the fragmented system used previously. First appearing in the 12th century with the rise of the Samurai as a warrior class, RYO was the currency of the Shogun during the Tokugawa Era from the 17th to mid-19th centuries. Although no longer in use, this once powerful coin of the Shogunates still holds a deep sense of historical significance in the hearts and minds of the Japanese.

Japan is setting new regulatory standards in the cryptocurrency universe with only 5 coins officially approved and listed on all cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan. RYO is in line to be next. This towering achievement will place RYO among some of the most reputable coins in the world. RYO’s world-class team is working with a major first-tier licensed exchange which will not only host RYO’s IEO, but is eager to have RYO listed on its exchange when this innovative crypto-asset is made available to the public.

RYO’s long-term strategy and ever-expanding ecosystem aims to bring simplicity, accessibility and usability to the masses. RYO enables the average person to adopt this revolutionary technology with ease and avoid the current hurdles that abound in the cryptocurrency space.


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